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Publications List

CLD staff continues to publish articles in several industry magazines.
Follow the link to these most widely read articles...

Designing Open Laboratory Spaces – Ken Mohr
Forensic Lab Renovation – Ken Mohr
Safety First – Ken Mohr
Forensic Facility Design Part 1 – Ken Mohr, Lou Hartman
Forensic Facility Design Part 2 – Ken Mohr, Lou Hartman
The Benefits of Partnerships – Ken Mohr
Current Biological Containment Design Standards for Medical Examiner Facilities – Ken Mohr, Lou Hartman
ISO 17025 and the Effect on Forensic Facility Design – Ken Mohr
Getting What You Paid For: A Discussion of Laboratory Building Commissioning – Michael Cooper
Process Mapping Informs Forensic Laboratory Design – Ken Mohr
Sustainable "Green" Forensic Laboratory Design – Ken Mohr, Michael Cooper
Fire Prevention and Protection – Lou Hartman, Ken Mohr
A Closer Look: The Phoenix Forensic Facility – Ken Mohr
Justifying a New Forensic Facility Part 1 – Ken Mohr
Justifying a New Forensic Facility Part 2 – Ken Mohr
DNA and Evolving Facilities – Ken Mohr
Facilities that Support the Front Line – Ken Mohr
Forensic Paradox – Clay Stafford
A Case Study of Partnering – Susan Halla
Energy Checklist: Does Your Facility Need Professional Help? – Lou Hartman, Ken Mohr
Equipment Planning: A Valuable Resource for Laboratory Design – Susan Halla
Equipment Planning Meets Laboratory Design – Ken Mohr, Cy Henningsen
Three Questions, Five Experts: DNA and Forensic Facilities Q&A – Ken Mohr
Building a Case for a New Forensic Laboratory – Ken Mohr, Lou Hartman
Forensic Facilities: Strategies for Coping with an Uncertain Economy – Susan Halla, Ken Mohr
Facing Today's DNA Lab Challenges – Ken Mohr
The Three-Legged Stool of DNA – Ken Mohr, Susan Halla
Today’s Facility Design for Tomorrow’s Cyber Crime – Ken Mohr, Lou Hartman
Implementing LEED: A Case Study of the Scottsdale Forensic Facility – Nicholas Raab, Susan Halla
“Lift”-ing the Standards: Forensic Vehicle Bay Design – Cy Henningsen, Susan Halla
The Devil is in the Details: Making the Best Material Selections for Your Facility – Ken Mohr, Susan Halla
Managing Your Laboratory Construction Project: I Didn't Sign Up for That! – Susan Halla
Q&A with Larry Depew – Ken Mohr
Design Guidelines for Toxicology Laboratories – Ken Mohr
Change Is in the Air: Safety and Design of Toxicology Laboratories – Matthew Pettit, Susan Halla
The Ostrich and Overachiever: How to Plan For A Mass Casualty – Ken Mohr, Susan Halla
What Anthropology Brings to the Table – Matthew Davis, Susan Halla
Political Changes Influence Forensic Science in Colombia – Laurie Sperling
Sharpening the Focus: Forensic Photography and Its Impact on Facility Design – Susan Halla, Ryan Rezzelle
The Equipment Survey: Assuring a Strong Foundation for Integrated Laboratory Design
– Susan Halla, Cy Henningsen